Monday, April 23, 2007


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. Toto and I were a bit bored and we just lazed around and watched the front door to see who walked by. I must say it wasn't exactly stimulating.
But in the evening, we had a treat. Mummy decided that we have been good and took us to the Doggie Bakery and got us great treats and dinners. I chose a Chicken Pot Pie and Toto chose a Quiche. (I think he is a bit of a whimp eating this French food. He should learn to eat real food like me!)

She also got us some Honey Buns, Cheesy Bones and Peanut Stars. I like the Peanut Stars the most. Toto is like a rubbish bin. He eats anything.

The food was yummy. In fact, Jie Jie couldn't help herself. She tasted some of our food as well. Here she is pinching a bit of Toto's Quiche. She says it tastes alright but a bit bland. Not unlike hospital food. Not sure what she means. I have not come across the word hospital before. Doesn't sound like a nice place if they don't have good food.


Kay said...

Ohh, that looks pretty good!

Maggie said...

You and Toto are laying in exactly the same position on the floor in front of the door! I think he's looking up to his older brother already!

Love ya lots,

Balboa said...

I agree with Maggie, it looks like you're teaching Toto well.

Frenchie Kisses,