Thursday, April 26, 2007

Me - Scruffy?

Sigh! I have to pay a visit to Auntie Eileen this weekend. She's my hair stylist and personal groomer. I like Auntie Eileen and all but I really hate it when she clips my nails, cleans my ears and (urgh!) touch my privates!! I know she is just trying to bathe me and cut my hair but pleasssse leave me some dignity.

I tried getting my Mum out of sending me but she is adamant. She says I look like I escaped from some Siberian gulag with long hair all over me! Hey! I'm not complaining so I don't know why she must. She keeps telling me that after my visit I will be handsome and more girl doggies will want to talk to me. But I don't want to be handsome. It is no fun. I'd rather be scruffy! And anyways, loads of girls talk to me now so I don't need to look more handsome!

You are all my friends. See the pictures below and tell me if I'm really scruffy. My Mum just won't believe me when I say I'm not.

Please Mum I don't want to go to Auntie Eileen

Relaxing on Mum's bed

I think I look quite handsome already


Ronin_The_Pug said...

Yes, Scruffy's Mommy! Scruffy doesn't look Scruffy...

Maggie said...

You look pretty good to me just the way you are but don't you want to be cooler? I hate being hot!

Love ya lots,

José Tan said...

OMG, how do you know my Daddy's name?!