Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Dreaded Vet

Hee! Hee! Toto has to go for his first visit to the vet this morning. I'm so glad its not me. I'm scared of the vet. The doctors poke you, prod you, stick sharp things into you which they claim will make you feel better. Shudder! Urgh!

Mum says Toto is going to have a microchip put in behind his ear. I already have one so I don't need to go. Mum says that should any of us get lost or (Heaven forbid!) dognapped, she will always be able to identify us and prove that we are her baby Cairn terrors from the microchip. So dognappers beware! My Mum will never let you dognap us for long.

Mum says I'm quite brave when I go to the vet. I don't run away or give her a hard time. I wonder if Toto will be brave too?

Here are some pictures of Toto's ordeal. Mum said Toto was a brave little puppy at the vet. Just like his Second Kor Kor!
The Vet
The doctor listening to Toto's heart.
At last its over. With Mummy & Jie Jie.
Sucking up to Jie Jie so that she would carry him.
Enjoying a bowl of noodles with Jie Jie after the ordeal. (Not really!)

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Maggie said...

Toto looks pretty happy in that last picture so my guess is that he wasn't tramatized by the vet!

Love ya lots,