Thursday, February 28, 2008

Singapore Flyer

On Tuesday Mummy and Daddy went for a ride on the Singapore Flyer. What do you ask is the Singapore Flyer. Well its a giant size ferris wheel. It is very very tall. Much much taller than me. Its supposed to be the tallest on in the world right now.

Then there are these little cages on the wheel and hoomans go inside them. Then the wheel turns taking the hoomans up up into the sky. Quite exciting. I wish I could go. But as usual, some hoomans are so un-dog-friendly. They don't allow furkids. Its not fair.

Mummy says it moves really slowly but the view is very very good. She wasn't scared at all. So brave. She could almost see our house (and me of course) from the top. Daddy as usual was too busy taking photos of the flyer and the wheel. Here are some of his photos. Sorry about the wierd colour but they were taken at dusk. Also the funny curved bits is because he used his fish eye lens. Hmmm! Interesting. Do you think Daddy actually caught a fish and took its eye. Then put the eye on his camera.

The flyer is actually not open to the public yet. But Daddy says they are going again (without me as usual) during the day when the flyer is open to the public this weekend. He says that you can even see Malaysia and Indonesia from it during the day.

Singapore Flyer from the ground.

View of Singapore's skyline from the little cages in the wheel. Here is a picture of one of the cages. Quite scary! My parents were actually in one of these things.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finally! Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Finally! I get my birthday cake. I had 2 candles. One more than Toto. Its because I'm the older brother. Here are some videos of my birthday celebration.

Here is Jie Jie, Kor Kor and Jie Jie's boy friend, Impy Kor Kor singing me my birthday song. Not too melodious but I love it anyway.

Here is another one of me cutting my birthday cake. I wasn't very cooperative as you can see but I was already salivating at the thought of the cake.

And finally one of us feasting on cake. I eat mine so gentlemenly but Toto is just a greedy pig - gobbling it down.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where is Jie Jie?

My Jie Jie has gone MIA!!! I have not seen her for 10 days already. All she does is wake up, go to school, come home in the middle of the night. And it has gone on for the last 10 days.

Mummy is getting very upset with her. So am I!!! We were supposed to have got my birthday cake last weekend but because Jie Jie was not even around during the weekend, we didn't get it. We wanted to celebrate as a whole family. Bad Jie Jie!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Abuse! Abuse! Child Abuse!

I hate my Mummy!! She's mean!! She's cruel!! She's abusive!!

For no reason whatsoever she took Toto and I to the VET today. And we got jabs!!!! I don't even feel sick. I don't see why I have to get jabbed.

My cruel Mummy claims that it is good for us to have the jabs. She says its to vacinate us against nasty illness and we need to do this once a year, every year. Why do I need it?! I am big and strong and healthy. I can fight all the nasty diseases.

The only saviour is that Toto the big baby cried when the vet jabbed him. Ha! Ha! He squealed like a baby!!! I was brave. I didn't make any noise whatsoever. But it did hurt.

I'm going to sulk and not speak with my Mummy for the rest of today. That will teach her to be so mean to me. Taking me for jabs I don't need.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chinese New Year & My Birthday

The whole of last week was really quite exciting. First we had Chinese New Year (CNY). Did you know that the CNY is actually celebrated for a full 15 days. But the most important days are of course the first and second day. This is the time when we go to our older relatives' homes to wish them Gong Xi Fa Cai, pay our respects with Mandarin oranges and to collect ang pow. What is ang pow you say. Well its a very quaint hooman custom that during the CNY, the married people give unmarried little red packets containing money!! Real cool this custom. Unfortunately both Toto and I didn't get any.

For our CNY we first visited Poh Poh's house in the morning. Mummy brought Mandarin oranges and we all said Gong Xi Fa Cai to Poh Poh. It was really quite fun. We raced up and down her house and poked our noses into every crook and crany. Very interesting.

After that we went to Mah Mah and Kong Kong's house. Once again Mummy brought Mandarin oranges and we all said Gong Xi Fa Cai. We love Mah Mah and Kong Kong's house. It has a huge garden and their neighbours had other furkids too. We raced up and down the garden and made friends with their neighbour's furkids.

Later in the afternoon, Daddy's aunties, uncles and many cousins all came over and paid respects as well. There were loads of kids around. The boy cousins also brought along a football and Toto and I played football with them in the garden. Meantime, Jie Jie and Kor Kor went around collecting ang pows from all the uncles and aunties and the married cousins. They seem to be pleased with their "takings" for the day. I sure hope they buy some pressies for us with their loot. After all they didn't do anything and they got money!!

Altogether it was a really exciting day. We went home in the evening and we were all real tired.

Did you know that during the CNY there is a special dish that is eaten by every one. My family had it during the Reunion dinner before the CNY. Its called Yu Sheng or Raw Fish. Its a dish filled with vegetable and pieces of raw fish that is mixed with crispy crullers and a dressing. While the dish is being prepared, good wishes and blessings are said over the dish so that whoever eats it also gets the wishes and blessings. However before its eaten everyone uses their chopsticks and tosses the salad really high into the air. Its to make wishes and blessings to all around the dinner table.

Yu Sheng being prepared before the BIG toss
Then my birthday came along. I was really surprised. You remember my Mummy asked if I wanted to celebrate on my birthday or have a belated one so that I can get a cake like Toto did last year. So on my birthday morning I didn't expect anything special. But I was really surprised. I got loads of presents. I got my favourite treats and a new squeaky toy. I love those squeaky toys.

See my birthday presents
Not only that Mummy made me a special dinner that day. I had beef steak. Wow! Yummy! I never had my own beef steak before.

Me gobbling down my steak dinner

Anyway all in all it was a wonderful birthday. And I still get to celebrate one more time this weekend when Mummy will get me my cake.

Eat your heart out Toto! I celebrate twice. You only celebrated once.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chinese New Year

The Chinese Lunar New Year is tomorrow. Mummy says its going to be the year of the Rat. This year is the year of the Pig. There will be many celebrations and good things to eat over the new year.

It is also very important for Chinese to have a Reunion Dinner with all the family on the eve of the New Year. Its a time for everyone in the family to come home from near and far and sit down together for a huge slap up meal. Tonight we will be having our Reunion Dinner. Mummy normally cooks the Reunion Dinner at home and I get to eat all the good stuff that she will for sure pass to me surreptitiously. But this year, Mummy is not cooking. Its going to be at a restaurant and I DON'T GET TO GO!!!! Its not fair, I am family too!! Why can't I go? Sulk! Sulk!

Its my birthday coming up this Sunday. Mummy asked me if I wanted to celebrate it on that day or to have a belated celebration. The reason is that she wants to get me this yummy cake for my birthday with 2 candles. But the bakery is closed for the Chinese New Year until 12 February which is after my birthday. I am opting for the yummy cake!! I sure hope its worth the wait.

I would also like to update you on Toto's operation. He now has no boy bits. Ha! Ha! He weathered through the operation like it was nothing. When he came back, he was back to his greedy pigginess and had a whopping huge meal. The anaesthetic didn't affect him at all. He is running around like it never happened. That's my brother for you!!

I would like to wish all my furfriends and their hoomans

May you all have a prosperous and happy new year of the Rat!!