Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I have been tagged by Ume to tell you guys 7 of my deep dark secrets. So here goes.

1. I hate Mummy’s woo woo machine. She uses it to woo woo her hair every morning. I always scold it and Mum points the d**n thing at me for a laugh. She knows it upsets me.

2. I give the most powerful, silent but extremely deadly expulsion of air from my rear end.

3. I love to watch Toto from my parents’ bed and then do a flying leap onto him. Ha! Ha!

4. I have found a gap in the garden fence that I use to “escape” into the big wide world. Daddy’s been too lazy to fix it even though Mummy’s been going on at him about it.

5. My favourite sleeping position

6. Everyone thinks my job is to provide entertainment for my family. But actually I am ….

7. I love all the doggies on Dogs With Blogs. They are all so COOOOL!

Monday, May 28, 2007

All Tired Out

I had a great Sunday. First thing early in the morning, I took Daddy for a very long run around the neighbourhood. Toto had to stay at home because he can't keep up with us big boys and he gets tired too easily. So I had Daddy to myself.

In the afternoon, we all went to Tanjong Beach again. I had a great time. I just love the water and there were also plenty of dogs there to play with. It was really hot though.

Toto and I after our swim

Look I'm a water baby

Swimming with Kor Kor
Toto didn't like the water. He wouldn't swim. He was really scared and had to stay in Mummy's arms all the time. Silly boy! He does not know what he is missing.

Toto with Mummy

Toto scrambling to get to shore. Look at the panic on his face.

After a long hard day - All tired out!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I have to tell you my bones were really delicious. Oops! Did I say bones? That's right - bones. Well Toto got tired of his bone after a while. So I decided to dig a new hole in the garden and bury my own bone. Then I started to help Toto finish his bone. What are brothers for? Hee! Hee! Hee! Sneaky huh?

Toto and I playing tug of war with our squeaky toy

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Surprise Treat

Mummy went to the supermarket early this morning and guess what. She bought us a great big bone each as a special treat. I just love bones. I can gnaw at them for hours on end. Yummy! Yummy!

Here I am busy with the bone
This is Toto's first bone. The bone that Mummy got for him was so huge that Toto can't carry it in his small mouth! He says to tell you all that his new favouritest food is now bone.

Toto with the bone that is almost bigger than him

Friday, May 18, 2007


Toto is in BIG BIG trouble. He chewed on the edge of the staircase going upstairs and destroyed the wooden flooring. The parents are livid. He got smacked big time.

I don't know how he managed to do this. His teeth must be really strong. I don't know why he would want to do it even. Wood doesn't taste that good. In my time, all I did was chew up some shoes, nothing as big as this.

Here I am sucking up to Jie Jie while Toto was being smacked. I let her use me as a pillow.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

What goes on?

I really am not sure what is going on. My Jie Jie has been in a frenzy over the last few days. She has been throwing bags of stuff from her room.

You have to understand my Jie Jie. Her room is like the black holes that they have in space. It attracts all sorts of things and is always filled to the point where we have to climb over her things to walk into it. I loved it - loads of strange and exciting smells and I even found some biscuits one time. Yummy!

Anyway I think she is either not feeling too well or going insane. She has been packing and throwing things away. All that lovely rubbish that I used to love sniffing and poking around. Its all gone. Mummy is totally dumbfounded. For once she has nothing to say other than "Let's see how long it lasts".
Look you can see the floor

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


My Mummy's finally home. Now I can get her to update my blog for me. I have missed doing so.

I have missed my Mummy so much. On the day Mummy came home, she slept the whole day because she was so tired. I wasn't tired but I slept the whole day next to my Mummy on her soft bed with her as well. I have to keep her company and protect her.

Hee! Hee! Toto wasn't allowed on the bed. He is still having trouble controlling his peeing so Mummy wouldn't let him up. Ha! I had my Mummy all to myself.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mummy's Going Away

My Mummy has to go away again. This time she says she is going to Milan, Italy. It is very far away. She has to take an aeroplane for many hours. She says her bum is going to be sore sitting so long.

I won't be able to write on my blog for a bit. You see Mummy is the one I have trained to update my blog for me. She says that unless she can get a net connection she won't be able to help me write it.

With Mummy away I also won't be able to pretend to look pathetic so that I can get treats and tidbits of food. Mummy is always the one who will go soft and gooey when I look at her with my big brown eyes. She will always relent and give me these "illegal" treats. It never seems to work on Daddy and my hooman siblings. They know my tricks too well.

So signing out for a bit
The Mighty Scruff