Saturday, June 30, 2007

Joy! Joy! Joy!

Look what Mummy did today. I love her. I love her. I love her sooooooooo much.

She went to the Doggies Bakery and got us a piece of blueberry cake each. Look at how delicious they are. She gave it to us as a mid morning treat.

And to make sure that I really enjoyed my cake, she even took off my lampshade. Freedom!
That's us really digging into it

And then it was all gone!

Not only did my wonderful Mummy get us a sweet treat, she also got us dinner at the same time. We're having shepherd's pie and lamb meatballs. Of course, we only get to eat it this evening.

And for tidbits she got us these great biscuits called Meal In A Biscuit. I had one, it was great.

All I can say is - Its a beautiful day! And Mummy, I LOVE YOU! You're the bestest Mummy in the whole wide world. I'm sorry I said you were mean to me the other day over my lampshade.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cruelty to me

I have half a mind to report my parents to the SPCA. They jolly well know that with the stupid lampshade I can't go through the front door grill like I used to. The stupid lampshade is just too big to fit into one of the grill holes. So I can't go out to the garden as and when I want.

And you know what they had the audacity to do. Just because they wanted a video of me in my misery, they kept calling me through the grill asking me to go out. They know jolly well I can't get through.

Here is the said video. Aren't they cruel? Look at me bumbling with the lampshade.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I have to wear the lampshade!!!

I have been having this ear ache for the last couple of days. Mummy was wondering why I was worrying my ear so much so she took me to the vet this morning. (Shudder! Horrors!) And true enough I have a horrible bacterial infection in my ear.

I was jabbed with this cruel needle. The vet says its a long acting pain killer so I won't feel the infection so much. And then worst of all, I had to have my infected ear cleaned. All I can say is that I didn't give the vet an easy time with it. It took 2 big hoomans to hold me down. They even had to put a muzzle on me because I was ready to bite. It was so awful.

Anyway, now I have to take these anti-biotics for 2 weeks and my ear has to be cleaned everyday by Daddy. I don't mind so much about the anti-biotics. Mummy always puts my medicine inside a small sausage and gives it to me. She thinks I don't know that the medicine is inside. To humour her, I eat the sausage with no complaints!! Hee! Hee!

But frankly the worst part of it all is that I have to wear the dreaded lampshade for about 2 weeks. I hate the thing. I feel so clumsy with it. And Toto won't leave me alone. He thinks its really funny to see my misery.

Don't I look pitiful?

Monday, June 25, 2007

I Protest!!!

This is Toto here.

Its not fair. I have to protest. My Second Kor Kor, Scruffy is bigger than me and he can do things that I can't yet; but will very soon.

Although I sometimes poop and pee in the wrong places, its not because I don't know where to go. I just can't control myself. Especially when I am excited. My muscles are still young and don't work too well yet. I will learn to control it. Anyway, even Mummy says I'm much better now. Hey! I even get to sleep in Mummy's room like you now.

Second Kor Kor, you have had a lot of time to learn all the commands from Daddy and so you know what to do. But I only know a few like "Mum mum time" (time to eat) and "Come". Daddy will teach me more soon and I will be as good as you.

Importantly, in the loving department the whole family agrees that I am a much more loving furkid than you. I allow my family to hold me in their arms for hours on end. You always want to get down after a bit. And you still don't want to kiss Mummy when she asks you to.

Actually, in reality I am the angel of the family.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Saint Scruffy

Now that we are a 2 furkid family my parents estimation of me has changed a great deal. In the past when I was an only furkid, my parents always complained that I am such a naughty, agressive, independent, bad tempered dog. But now that there are 2 of us and the parents have a point of comparison, I am a SAINT!!

My litany of virtues are :
  1. I do not pee pee and poo poo all over the place. I do it in the garden like I am supposed to.
  2. I do not gobble down my food unlike someone else that I know.
  3. I obey instructions to stay in the house when I am told to.
  4. I stop barking and making a racket when I am told to stop.
  5. I behave myself extremely well in public.
Of course, you know who doesn't do all those things!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Yesterday was Father's Day. Toto and my present to Daddy was that we leapt on the bed and licked him until he woke up. Hee! Hee! That was fun.

Even Jie Jie who usually does not wake up until the hour is in the double digit woke up early. She cooked Daddy breakfast for Father's Day. As Daddy is quite a health nut, Jie Jie made Daddy a healthy breakfast. Me I would have prefered unhealthy sausages, bacon and eggs. So we all had pancakes, fruits and muesli with yoghurt. It was pretty good actually.

However, even though it was a healthy breakfast, Mummy got sick after eating it. She said she had food poisoning and had to see the doctor. We all blamed Jie Jie's cooking. She needs more practice cooking I guess.

Then of course, we had to have our official Father's Day portrait. I was trying to kiss Daddy while Mummy was taking the picture.

Another very strange hooman thing happened too. Mummy and Jie Jie got really excited Saturday afternoon. I heard them say something about having a girl's day out and having their nails done. Now why would anyone get excited about having their nails done. I can't understand it. I hate having mine done when I go to the groomers. These hoomans are really quite nutty sometimes.

Anyway, Mummy and Jie Jie came home after and they had red nails with flowers on them. Is that what they call getting their nails done. What's the big deal? Must be a girl thing.

Mummy's toe nails
Jie Jie's toe nails

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lazy Weekend

We didn't do too much this weekend. All we did was go for our usual breakfast weekend walkie at the beach. Actually it wasn't too bad. It gave us a chance to learn from Daddy what should be done during the weekend.

Daddy teaching us the right way to spend a weekend.
Mummy did buy some yummy thick steaks and we had a BBQ. The smells were really driving me crazy when she was cooking it. I was salivating. I was worried that Daddy would forbid Mummy from giving us any. He says we are getting a bit too fat. Especially Toto. But luckily for us, Mummy gave us some steaks when it was cooked. Yummy! Yummy!

Our dinner getting cooked
Lastly I would also like to thank all my friends for their concern with my running away. I have now learnt my lesson. I will not try to escape any more. (Well at least for the time being!)

Friday, June 8, 2007


Sometime ago, my friend Balboa asked me to post a video of me pouncing on Toto. Mum spent the whole weekend trying to catch me doing my act on film. Unfortunately I did not cooperate so she didn't get anything.

Anyway, here is a video of Mum torturing us with the bones before finally giving it to us. We look a bit wet here. It was just after our bath. Mum gave us the bones as a reward for being good boys.

You have to forgive the quality of the video. It was my Jie Jie's camera skills. (Not very good is she?)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I Ran Away!!!

I was bad. Real bad. I have made Mummy very upset.

Remember the break in the fence I told you about. Well, yesterday I squeezed myself through it. I ran from our house all the way down the hill and onto the big drain near our house that runs to the main canal.

My Kor Kor was the one to realise I had left the house. He looked high and low for me but couldn't find me. Actually I heard him calling me but I wanted to explore still. Then Mummy came back from work and she drove around with Kor Kor. Then she spotted me.

I have to admit that by then I was getting a bit scared. I didn't know the way home! I was kind of glad that Mummy found me. I was so afraid that Kor Kor and Mummy would spank me for running away. But luckily for me, I think they were so relieved to find me and I only got a minor scolding.

But Mummy was still very upset. She kept asking me what if a bad man came and took me away. Or what if I get into an accident like my First Jie Jie last time. She ran away and got hit by a car. Luckily she was just slightly injured.

I am sorry Mummy. Don't scold.

Please please please don't scold. I won't do it again. Actually now I can't. Kor Kor and Mummy got some plastic grill and patched up the gap in the fence. They didn't want to wait for Daddy to do it. Now I can't escape anymore.

Pretty please Mummy. Don't scold.

Please forgive me. See how repentent I am.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Tagged Again

I have been tagged by my friend Precious to show you a picture of a celebrity that I look like. It was a bit of challenge. I really am so handsome that none of them really compares. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Anyway after much soul searching (and internet searching too) I know who I look like.

Sauve, sophisticated, debonair, lean, mysterious - my doppelgänger and I rising out of the sea. What do you think? Doesn't James Bond and I look alike.

For more doggie celebrities I now tag José, Ume and Lorenza to share with us which celebrity they think they look like.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Did you know?

Did you know that hoomans go to the groomers just like us furkids? I never knew. It seems they get the same treatment as us when they go their groomers.

They get bathe.

Then they get their hair cut.

And you know how at the end of it, if we have been good, we get a bandanna to put round our necks. Well! Hoomans get a decoration too. Instead of bandannas they get these weird green things that look like ears to put on their head.

If hoomans know what awful things happen at the groomers, why do they send us to the groomers? Don't tell me they actually enjoy going to the groomers!!!!