Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday Morning

On Sunday we went to the beach to our favorite pub for breakfast. Its called Scruffy Murphy. As they have used my name to name their establishment, I strongly believe that we should get a discount whenever we visit. And they should also treat me like royalty. So far it has not happened.

After breakfast (Well, the hoomans had their breakfast. We just had water!!!) we went for our usual long walkie. Here are some pictures of Toto and I on our ramble.

Here are Toto and I taking a breather with Mum and Dad.
Here's Toto trampling on the flower bed. Dreadful dog! And he's my brother!!!

Here we are waiting for Mum to buy breakfast home for Jie Jie. As usual, we couldn't get her out of bed. She's such a pig!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Brotherly Love

As I mentioned in one of my previous post, Toto and I are often at odds with each other. Especially when it comes to whose territory our parents' bed is. Mummy decided to take a video of us having it out with each other on her bed. I have to say she was not very amused after we were through with her bed. We made a "little" mess.

The video's not very good. Mummy says there wasn't enough light but I think you get the picture of how much "love" there is between Toto and I.

Monday, October 15, 2007


I love weekends. Its when Mummy, Daddy, Jie Jie, Kor Kor and of course Toto and I get to spend time together. Sometimes we do loads of things when the mood takes us and sometimes we do nothing and act like couch potatoes.

This weekend started out a bit slow but on Sunday, Daddy decided that we were growing fat from not doing anything and took us to the beach in the evening. We had a super long walk. We saw loads of other doggies having their walkies too. There were also plenty of hoomans having BBQ at the beach and camping out. Loads of lovely exciting new smells.

After the long walkie, we went home and my family sat down and had dinner. Mummy made a chicken casserole and the smells were just killing me. But guess what happened. Toto and I actually already had our dinner earlier but Mummy (Bless her soft heart!) gave us another dinner of chicken casserole. My Mummy sure can cook! And we had 2 dinners that night! What more can I ask for!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mummy's Annoyed

Firstly I was given a very lovely award by my friend Precious. Thank you so much and I want to give the award back to you too. I love reading your blog too.

Now you must be wondering how my mild mannered Mummy can get annoyed with an adorable pup like me. Well you see last few days Daddy has been away and I really feel that as the alpha male in the house now I must be the only one to sleep next to my Mummy and protect her. I have been doing just that. In the mornings we have one-to-one time when Mummy plays with me on the bed before she leaves for work. She has been doing that since I was young.

But horrors of horrors! Of late she has been putting Toto (my upstart of a brother) onto the bed at night! This is definitely not on. The bed and Mummy are mine. (Well! I let Daddy share her sometimes.) I am not sharing with Toto too! And to top it all off, I even now have to share my one-to-one playtime with Toto.

So this morning, I couldn't take it anymore. That rascal! I snapped at Toto! That naughty boy. Usurping me from my position. How dare he? Of course Mummy saw me do it and now she's annoyed with me. She even smacked me. She keeps going on and on about how I must learn to share and to love my brother.

Hey I love my brother and all but you know Mummy and the bed are special. They've been mine since I was a baby. Its sacrosanct. Its not fair. I don't want to share.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Is This My Brother?

Last weekend, my parents sent both Toto and I to see Auntie Eileen, our groomer. This was Toto's first full head to toe grooming session. And after he was done, I was so amazed. Toto actually looked cute!!

Before - wild and fuzzy
After - neat as a pin
See my cute little brother!