Monday, April 30, 2007

Daddy The "Pro" Photographer

Daddy was in a picture taking mood this week. He brought out all his camera equipment and lenses. He wanted to take pictures of dogs at the Singapore Kennel Club Doggie Show which we all went to. But that was not enough for Daddy. When we got home he continued to keep snapping even though we were really tired and not very good models then.

Here is Toto doing what he usually does. He likes to hide in this corner behind Mummy's wine cabinet thingy and sleep. He is sneaky. He hides there because he knows I am too big to squeeze between the cracks to get into his hiding place. Mummy says he's smart. He knows how to get away from me for some peace and quiet. I'm hurt though. I only wanted to play with him.

More horizontal Toto pictures
Mummy took this picture of Daddy taking pictures. Ha! Ha! Photograph of a photographer.

Mummy especially likes this picture of me that Daddy took. She says it reminds her of my First Jie Jie, Muffet who went to heaven. She really misses First Jie Jie. She says First Jie Jie is her firstborn.

This is me.
This is First Jie Jie.
Muffet actually is my First Jie Jie and my hooman sister is my Second Jie Jie. The reason for this is that before Mummy had us kids, she wasn't sure if she wanted kids at all. So she adopted my First Jie Jie to see if she could look after kids. She says its her Mummy training course. That's how I had a First Jie Jie.

I never met her but Mummy says that she was a beautiful dog with a wonderful loving, gentle personality unlike me. I think she is trying to tell me that I am a real rascal. Anyway, like they say the rest is history. She now has had 5 babies. I'm glad she passed her Mummy training course.

By the way, my First Jie Jie was not a Cairn terror (oops! terrier). She was actually a Silky terrier mixed with a "Sausage" dog. But to me she looked like a Princess.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Our New Duds!

Mum bought us some new clothes and toys. I don't really like wearing clothes. But for my Mum, I'll suffer the indignity. Sigh! She got us these silly FBI ones.

Toto & I with our new shirts and new soft toys

This morning we went to the beach for breakfast as usual and everyone was pointing at Toto and I because we had on our new shirts. It was embarrassing. When we got to the beach, Dad parked the car and guess what. My silly parents forgot to bring my lead!! We had to asked the nice manager at the pub if he had a spare lead somewhere but he didn't. He was nice enough to bring a long string though. Even more indignities - I was tethered with a string! I guess that was the only way I could get a walk. My parents very wisely refuse to let me off my lead. I have been known to wander off.

Toto doing his thing in the garden. See he loved his toy so much he wouldn't let go of it. Its his first toy.

More Toto & toy pics
Special Agent In Charge Scruffy

Special Agent In Training Toto

And of course, I saw Auntie Eileen this morning. I was scrubbed and snipped and clipped and washed and brushed ....
Here is the result. What do you think? Was my Mum right?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Dreaded Vet

Hee! Hee! Toto has to go for his first visit to the vet this morning. I'm so glad its not me. I'm scared of the vet. The doctors poke you, prod you, stick sharp things into you which they claim will make you feel better. Shudder! Urgh!

Mum says Toto is going to have a microchip put in behind his ear. I already have one so I don't need to go. Mum says that should any of us get lost or (Heaven forbid!) dognapped, she will always be able to identify us and prove that we are her baby Cairn terrors from the microchip. So dognappers beware! My Mum will never let you dognap us for long.

Mum says I'm quite brave when I go to the vet. I don't run away or give her a hard time. I wonder if Toto will be brave too?

Here are some pictures of Toto's ordeal. Mum said Toto was a brave little puppy at the vet. Just like his Second Kor Kor!
The Vet
The doctor listening to Toto's heart.
At last its over. With Mummy & Jie Jie.
Sucking up to Jie Jie so that she would carry him.
Enjoying a bowl of noodles with Jie Jie after the ordeal. (Not really!)

Friday, April 27, 2007

One Week Anniversary

It is exactly one week since Toto came home. I shall let him have my blog space today for him to tell you how he fared in the last week. (To Toto : Make sure you say only good things!)

Toto :
Hi I'm Toto. It has been a confusing but very good week for me. I have been learning a great deal from my parents as well as my big brother, Scruffy.

Talking about big brothers, I am in a Chinese family. According to Chinese customs I must call my brothers that are older than me Kor Kor (It means big brother). Since I now have 2 big brothers I have to call my hooman brother, First Kor Kor and Scruffy, Second Kor Kor. I know its a bit of a mouthful but my Second Kor Kor insists on it. He says it is disrespectful otherwise.

Let me tell you a bit about how I came to my current family. I was in a pet place before this. I used to be kept in an enclosure with my birth brother and another Westie. They were bigger than me in size and sometimes they bully me. One day, my Mum and Dad came to the pet place. They were looking for a brother or sister for Second Kor Kor.

Mum spied me in the enclosure and asked the pet place person to bring me and my birth brother out for her to look at. After much hmmming and hawing from Mum and Dad, Mum decided that I should be the one. I am so happy that she chose me.

After doing all the paperwork, my parents brought me home. I was a bit frightened on the way back as I had never been in a car before this. Mum held onto me tightly and spoke to me gently and I wasn't so scared after a while.

When we got home, I met Second Kor Kor for the first time. At first, he was a bit upset. After all until now he has been an Only dog in the family. We talked about it a bit and I promised to listen to him and respect him. Now we play with each other everyday and he teaches me loads of things. I love my Second Kor Kor. He is a good Kor Kor.

Scruffy :
I love you too Toto!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Me - Scruffy?

Sigh! I have to pay a visit to Auntie Eileen this weekend. She's my hair stylist and personal groomer. I like Auntie Eileen and all but I really hate it when she clips my nails, cleans my ears and (urgh!) touch my privates!! I know she is just trying to bathe me and cut my hair but pleasssse leave me some dignity.

I tried getting my Mum out of sending me but she is adamant. She says I look like I escaped from some Siberian gulag with long hair all over me! Hey! I'm not complaining so I don't know why she must. She keeps telling me that after my visit I will be handsome and more girl doggies will want to talk to me. But I don't want to be handsome. It is no fun. I'd rather be scruffy! And anyways, loads of girls talk to me now so I don't need to look more handsome!

You are all my friends. See the pictures below and tell me if I'm really scruffy. My Mum just won't believe me when I say I'm not.

Please Mum I don't want to go to Auntie Eileen

Relaxing on Mum's bed

I think I look quite handsome already

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We Made A Mess!

This morning Mummy brought Toto onto her bed for the first time. I was not too happy about this. After all the bed is my domain and I only share it with my parents.

But after a while, Toto and I started fooling around. We chased each other around the bed messing up all the bed clothes. Pillows were flying all over the place. It was such fun. Mummy was at her wits end trying to pick everything up after us. She says we play too rough. But Mum, we're boys!

Anyway after that I didn't mind so much that Toto comes on the bed. I will share it with him as well.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Daddy's New Toy

Over the weekend, Daddy got himself a new toy. Its this new fangled phone that does everything and is supposed to keep him connected to everyone all the time anywhere in the world. I wonder why he would want to be. Isn't being connected to me enough?

Anyway to continue with my story, Daddy was really excited about it. We came home and he started fiddling with his computer and his new phone. After about 3 hours and a lot of muttering, head scratching and cussing, Daddy gave up! He couldn't get his phone to talk to his computer. Hmmm! I never knew computers talked.

So the family (without us dogs unfortunately!) trooped down to the shop and got the nice lady at the store fix it. Unfortunately for Daddy it would appear that he has to do something called reinstalling his OS on his computer before it can talk to his phone. I gather its a bad thing cuz Daddy wasn't pleased at all and I am afraid there was a bit more cussing.

Frankly, Daddy I don't see what the big deal is. Your phone can talk to us instead of the computer. I'm sure we are more entertaining.

Daddy's new toy

An update on Toto's training. I am doing quite well with him after all. He is quite obedient and he listens to me quite a lot. He's still nosy but he has learnt to keep clear of my cherished toys.

Monday, April 23, 2007


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. Toto and I were a bit bored and we just lazed around and watched the front door to see who walked by. I must say it wasn't exactly stimulating.
But in the evening, we had a treat. Mummy decided that we have been good and took us to the Doggie Bakery and got us great treats and dinners. I chose a Chicken Pot Pie and Toto chose a Quiche. (I think he is a bit of a whimp eating this French food. He should learn to eat real food like me!)

She also got us some Honey Buns, Cheesy Bones and Peanut Stars. I like the Peanut Stars the most. Toto is like a rubbish bin. He eats anything.

The food was yummy. In fact, Jie Jie couldn't help herself. She tasted some of our food as well. Here she is pinching a bit of Toto's Quiche. She says it tastes alright but a bit bland. Not unlike hospital food. Not sure what she means. I have not come across the word hospital before. Doesn't sound like a nice place if they don't have good food.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Whew! I'm Tired Already

Whew! Its such hard work being a big brother. I have to follow Toto around all the time to make sure that he doesn't hurt himself or get lost. (He doesn't know the house very well yet.) Importantly I have to make sure he doesn't mess around with my things. Its a non-stop job. Mum you should have got a hooman baby instead. I'm not used to this hard work.

Some privacy please Daddy!

Yesterday we had to go to the store in the evening to get Toto's baby food. He can't eat the adult food yet. I tasted some of his food and I must say the baby stuff is quite good.

We went to the big pet mart in Pasir Ris where the dog run is. Its the first time I have gone there in the evening and I must say it was great. There were a lot more dogs there in the evening than in the morning. I had a great time running around. Toto wasn't let loose in the dog run. He! He! He! Mum was afraid he was too small and may catch things from the other dogs. So he will have to wait till he is bigger.

With Mummy

See! I do love Toto. Who says I am jealous.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I Have A Brother!

Mummy wasn't kidding about a new brother! I have now lost my status as an Only dog. I now have a brother! My parents brought him home yesterday afternoon.

He is also a Cairn terrier and he is now 5 months old. Jie Jie has decided that he should be called Toto after Toto in Wizard of Oz. He's kind of cute but he needs to learn that I am the BIG brother and he is just the kid. I'm teaching him that right now. Hope he learns quick.

This morning, we went for our first walkie together at the beach. He was quite useless. Didn't walk very far before he wanted to be carried. I had my usual nice long run. After that we had breakfast. Well Mummy & Daddy had breakfast, Toto and I had water!

Here are some pictures of us.


Toto & I

With Daddy at the beach

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mummy's Home

Mummy's home. I slept next to my soft and warm Mummy last night. It was heaven.

But I was a bad boy. I was so angry my parents went away without me, I left them a "present" on Mummy's silk Persian carpet. She was not amused and I got spanked.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's scary!

I am scared. It is dark and there are shadowy things around. I don't want to sleep by myself. I want my Mummy & Daddy. Come home quick.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Woe is me!

Daddy has gone to America. Mummy says she has to go to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. This means I will be relegated to the backyard at night. Woe is me! No more soft downy bed and air-conditioned comfort at night.

I wish my parents won't go away so much. Kor Kor and Jie Jie won't let me sleep in their rooms. They complain that I am always "exploring" their things!! Hey! What are nice and strange smells for if not exploring.

Anyway, Daddy just told Mummy that the airline lost his bags. So now he has to wear dirty clothes until the shops open. Hee! Hee! I sure hope he didn't put my presents in his bag. They would be lost too then.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm Delirious With Joy!

I am such a lucky dog. Not only did I go out for breakfast with Mummy & Daddy yesterday, we went to Tanjong Beach in Sentosa in the afternoon as well.

I also realised I have been such a silly puppy in the past. You see I used to hate swimming. My parents would encourage me and swim with me but I really HATED it! But something changed yesterday. I have become a water baby!! I pranced and dived and swam around like a mad dog making up for lost time. What joy swimming can be. I can't understand why I didn't like it before.

There were other dogs at the beach as well. I made friends with some of them. There was Biru the Labrador. He really loved to swim. And there was Goldie the Cocker Spaniel. He was very playful. And finally there was Copper the Corgi. Now him I had a problem with. He kept sneaking up to my Kor Kor and Jie Jie and kissing them. How dare he! They are my Kor Kor and Jie Jie and only I am allowed to kiss them.

In spite of Copper the Corgi I had a great time. I was sooooo tired that I fell asleep in the car on the way back. I can hardly wait for the next time we go to Tanjong Beach. I do hope that Mummy & Daddy will take me there again soon.

Me looking every inch of my name after a swim!

Kor Kor and I

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday Morning

The house was up bright and early today. Kor Kor had badminton lesson and Jie Jie had her 2.4km run. After sending Kor Kor and Jie Jie, Mum & Dad brought darling me to our favourite pub at the beach for breakfast.

Boy it was rather crowded this morning. There were 2 chihuahuas, a border collie and a beagle having breakfast with their humans. I tried to be friendly with one of the chihuahuas but it kept shying away. Not very friendly that one.

Then Mummy brought me to say hello to the collie. He's nice.

That's it for now. Sniff you later!

Friday, April 13, 2007


Mummy has been going on about another brother or sister for me! I wonder what she means. As it is I already have to share Mummy & Daddy with 2 siblings.

Babies are so noisy. All they ever do is sleep, eat, poop and CRY!!!! Why would she want another kid? It is very puzzling. I am sure she is just rambling on about nothing.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Narrow Escape

I didn't have a name when my parents brought me home. There was a great debate among my family about what I should be called.

I had a very narrow escape when the naming was going on. My Mummy and Jie Jie wanted to call me Remington!!!! I was supposed to be named after their favourite TV character Remington Steele (aka Pierce Brosnan). Thank God my Daddy came to my rescue and insisted that a noble dog like me should not be named after the whimpy Remington Steele.

After much debate and several unsavoury options, it was finally decided that I looked like a Scruffy. You see I have a double coat of hair - a soft downy undercoat and a slightly longer shaggier stiff coat. So I look perpetually scruffy and Scruffy I became.

I must say this is certainly an improvement on Remington!! I'm happy with it. Being neat, suave and sophisticated all the time does take the fun out of being a dog!

My First Post

Hi! My name is Scruffy. I am now 14 months old. I am a Cairn terrier but my Mummy calls me her little Cairn Terror. Today my Mummy decided that she must share her adorable precious with all dog lovers so here is my blog.

I was born in Australia but came to sunny Singapore when I was a mere toddler. My parents brought me home in May last year. I have an older sister and brother.

Here is a pix of me having one of my favourite snacks.