Sunday, April 22, 2007

Whew! I'm Tired Already

Whew! Its such hard work being a big brother. I have to follow Toto around all the time to make sure that he doesn't hurt himself or get lost. (He doesn't know the house very well yet.) Importantly I have to make sure he doesn't mess around with my things. Its a non-stop job. Mum you should have got a hooman baby instead. I'm not used to this hard work.

Some privacy please Daddy!

Yesterday we had to go to the store in the evening to get Toto's baby food. He can't eat the adult food yet. I tasted some of his food and I must say the baby stuff is quite good.

We went to the big pet mart in Pasir Ris where the dog run is. Its the first time I have gone there in the evening and I must say it was great. There were a lot more dogs there in the evening than in the morning. I had a great time running around. Toto wasn't let loose in the dog run. He! He! He! Mum was afraid he was too small and may catch things from the other dogs. So he will have to wait till he is bigger.

With Mummy

See! I do love Toto. Who says I am jealous.


Maggie said...

Both of you are so cute in that picture with your mom!

Love ya lots,

Balboa said...

You make a great big brother dude. I bet Toto is gonna learn a lot from you.

I'm gonna add you guys to my dog list. Mommy says you're too cute for words, I don't know what that means, sometimes mommy's are silly

Frenchie Kisses,

Toto said...

Hi guys, my mom thinks you 2 are so cute and have such great names! I wish my mom would get me a brother but she said 2 sisters are enough. Wags and Licks, Toto