Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Daddy's New Toy

Over the weekend, Daddy got himself a new toy. Its this new fangled phone that does everything and is supposed to keep him connected to everyone all the time anywhere in the world. I wonder why he would want to be. Isn't being connected to me enough?

Anyway to continue with my story, Daddy was really excited about it. We came home and he started fiddling with his computer and his new phone. After about 3 hours and a lot of muttering, head scratching and cussing, Daddy gave up! He couldn't get his phone to talk to his computer. Hmmm! I never knew computers talked.

So the family (without us dogs unfortunately!) trooped down to the shop and got the nice lady at the store fix it. Unfortunately for Daddy it would appear that he has to do something called reinstalling his OS on his computer before it can talk to his phone. I gather its a bad thing cuz Daddy wasn't pleased at all and I am afraid there was a bit more cussing.

Frankly, Daddy I don't see what the big deal is. Your phone can talk to us instead of the computer. I'm sure we are more entertaining.

Daddy's new toy

An update on Toto's training. I am doing quite well with him after all. He is quite obedient and he listens to me quite a lot. He's still nosy but he has learnt to keep clear of my cherished toys.

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Maggie said...

I hate when my hoomans come home with these new electronic toys too! They act the same way as your dad - totally ignoring us like this new toy is more important!