Saturday, April 21, 2007

I Have A Brother!

Mummy wasn't kidding about a new brother! I have now lost my status as an Only dog. I now have a brother! My parents brought him home yesterday afternoon.

He is also a Cairn terrier and he is now 5 months old. Jie Jie has decided that he should be called Toto after Toto in Wizard of Oz. He's kind of cute but he needs to learn that I am the BIG brother and he is just the kid. I'm teaching him that right now. Hope he learns quick.

This morning, we went for our first walkie together at the beach. He was quite useless. Didn't walk very far before he wanted to be carried. I had my usual nice long run. After that we had breakfast. Well Mummy & Daddy had breakfast, Toto and I had water!

Here are some pictures of us.


Toto & I

With Daddy at the beach


Maggie said...

We have brothers the same age!!!!
Toto is such a cutie!
Yup, you need to let him know who's boss at your house!

Love ya lots,

José Tan said...

Oh Dear, my Daddy and Mummy was thinking of getting one more Cairn previously, but i let them know it'll be too much for them to handle. Hehe.. thanks to my bro Bond too. Now, i'm still my Mummy's Boy. Keke...

José Tan said...

Oh ya, my Daddy says that based on the last photo, he could easily mistaken you for me. Haha..