Thursday, July 26, 2007

Life! Or so it seems...

Hello all my friends and their hooman families, I return from this abysmal off blogging community black hole I have been living in ever since Mummy and Daddy's departure 6 days ago. Only 6 days, and I'm missing them already! Especially Mummy, now that there's no one to look imploringly at for an extra treat or two (Jie Jie and Kor Kor have long since learnt to see through to my ulterior motives). It truly is a sad life indeed. I spend my days - and very long days they are - with no walkies, no exciting excursions to the beach, no one to torture, no one to play with but Toto, gosh, what's a dog got to do to get some excitement around here??

I'm bored, can you tell?

Anyhoo, seeing as external factors were obviously not going to change things, I set myself the task of finding things to do for myself (and Toto tagged along, predictably). I finally managed to get Jie Jie to update my blog (and believe me, it was hard! She spends her time out of school eating, sleeping, studying, and going back to sleep. Her life seems even more mundane than mine, really.

So here's what's been happening lately:

With nothing better to do, we spent our days lounging about in Jie Jie's room... And of course causing destruction to whatever we could lay our teeth on!

She had to say goodbye to her once new, never-before-worn pair of Marks and Sparks shoes. It was a satisfying cause, it was! Which, unfortunately, also earned Toto and I several smacks on the back.

Toto spends most of his time (as always) getting excited over seemingly... nothing.

I'm not related to him. Really.

And other times, like this... Toto looking forlorn. Mummy when are you coming back?

I, on the other hand, have taken to being what most nowadays would deem emo, but I like to say that I'm simply... misunderstood.

But you understand me, don't you, my fellow furfriends? You understand what kind of a painful and miserable life I've been subjected to!

And I suppose that's all I've got time for now, because Jie Jie is getting annoyed. So farewell for now... I'll be back! I think. With Jie Jie, you can never be sure.

But do keep checking back regularly for the continued Adventures of... Scruffy and Toto.

Astalavista, baby!

(Yes, watching silly cartoons on TV over Kor Kor's shoulder has also proved an entertaining -though not quite intellectually stimulating - way to pass time.)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

See You Soon (Hopefully)

My friends and their hooman family

My parents are going away on holiday without us kids, hooman and furry. As some of you may know, I have actually trained my Mum to update my blog for me. Since she is going on holiday she has entrusted my blogging to my Jie Jie. But I know my Jie Jie! Its going to be patchy. She's really quite lazy.

So hopefully I will see you all soon. When I can get Jie Jie off her big you-know-what to help me blog. Otherwise, both Toto and I are signing out till end August.

See you guys soon! (Hopefully)
Scruffy & Toto

PS : My Mummy says I should tell you all this just in case you think we are gone. We're not. We're still around. Just silent. (Maybe)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Hee! Hee! Hee! Toto has been banished from sleeping in Jie Jie's room. Recently Jie Jie decided to let Toto spend the night in her room. But in the morning, we heard loud squeals and yelps coming from her room. No it wasn't Toto. It was Jie Jie's very voluble horror.

Toto had decided in the night to have a good chew on her sheepskin rug!!! Look at all the circled bits. Tufts of wool are missing!! It looks really funny now.

Toto : Noooooooo! Noooooo! It wasn't me. Look at my face. How can you say this innocent face is the one that did it. The other dog did it. Its unfair to punish me for somedog's naughtiness.

Scruffy : And finally, I HATE MY NEW HAIRCUT. My hair is so short now. See! Don't I look NAKED.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Double Whammy Weekend

This weekend started out great with the whole family going down to the beach for our normal breakfast and walkie. But after that it was a real nightmare for me!!!

The nightmare began first thing Sunday morning. I went to the VET! Argh! After much prodding, peering, hmmming and hawing, I was declared fit as a fiddle. Fully recovered from my ear infection. Yes its good news but its all the other stuff that is as usual such a nightmare. By the way, thank you to all my friends who have sent me good wishes for my speedy recovery. You have all helped lift my spirits through all the ear cleaning and medicine dropping into my ear.

The second whammy came immediately after that. I thought great no more vet, I can get back to my normal life. But no, guess what! I was taken straight to Auntie Eileen. Nightmare! The second most hated thing in my entire short life after the vet. The groomers! Once again, a stranger bathing me, cutting my hair, prodding my privates, clipping my nails. What an ordeal!

The only good thing after that was I got a special treat since I had such a harrowing day. Mummy went to the doggie bakery and bought me a special Cheesy Biscuit as a treat. I love licking the cheese off first then eat the cookie. Its like a great big cheesy oreo cookie.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Vet! Vet! Vet!

It has been a dreadfully busy week for me. My ear infection has not fully healed. As a result, Mummy has to take me to the vet everyday to have them clean my ear properly. She's very squeamish about these things and doesn't do it properly. They are so cruel to me at the vets. Dig! Dig! Dig in my ear. Yucks!

One good laugh did come out of the whole thing though. One evening at the vet, my Mum asked my Dad to take Jie Jie to the nearby shopping mall to get some of her stuff bound into a book while she waited with me for the vet. We finished rather quickly that night and as the mall was only a 5 minute walk away, Mum called Dad on the mobile and said she would go over to the mall instead of him coming to pick us up.

Now this may not seem strange to most of us but you must understand my mother. She is the type that would refuse to walk 5 minutes to the neighbourhood supermarket. She insists when parking the car to park at the lot closest to whatever place she is going to. She grumbles when she has to walk up a flight of stairs. She must take the car everywhere no matter how near it is. So you can imagine my Dad's reaction. First thing he said was "How are you getting here? (thinking he will have to get the car and bring her to the mall) What?! Walk?! Did I hear right?" Rather mean of him I thought. To make matters worse, before he hung up "I will have the ambulance and paramedics on standby. Just in case you need them." Mean Daddy! Anyway, Jie Jie and Kor Kor had a great laugh about this. My Mother - walking. Very unusual and really one for the history books.

We made it there by the way, on foot!

Another happening this week, my Dad, the photographer decided that he needed to practise his skills and take some family pictures to hang on the walls. So he made all of us get dressed and dolled up. Toto and I had our hair combed of course. We all had to be his models while he framed and shot all the photos. So boring. Anyway, here are the results of his handiwork.

With Kor Kor. I wasn't cooperating as ususal.

Toto with Daddy. I thought Toto looked rather "retarded" here. Hee! Hee! He's not photogenic unlike me.

With my two lovely ladies.

Actually I thought the pictures turned out quite nicely. We will have them hanging on the walls quite soon. Just as soon as Daddy stays awake long enough to get them printed and framed. Hee! Hee!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Busy Saturday

Its been a mix bag this week. Nothing much happened for us furkids earlier during the week. Firstly Mummy went off to Kuala Lumpur early in the week. Then she came back and Daddy went to Bangkok. I only had one night with both my parents in the same place this week. So us furkids were left very much on our own for the week. Then Mummy got busy at work (but I think she was just lazy) and didn't update my blog!

I have forgiven her though. Yesterday, Mummy and my hooman siblings went to the airport to bring Daddy home and on the way home, Mummy stopped by the Doggie Bakery again. Since they were having a sale on all their goodies, Mummy got us 4, yes 4 differnt kinds of biscuits!!! Yippee! We've got Meal in a biscuit again, then carob chews, cheesy stick thingys and honey bears.

Not only that we got cake too!! YUMMY! Jie Jie decided that she wanted to try some of our cake to see how it compared with hooman cake.

Jie Jie looking like she died and went to heaven after tasting our cake

Judging from the look of sastisfaction on her face, I guess she thought our cake tasted good too. I also got Mummy to get more evidence of my brother the pig eating his cake. Just in case you guys didn't believe me when I said he is a pig. Here he is gobbling it down while I slowly enjoyed every delectable morsel.

Toto also had his first taste of the groomers today. Hee! Hee! He went to Auntie Eileen because Daddy said he was looking very scruffy around the face. So off he went.

Toto : I hated it! She touched me all over and she cut my nails. No wonder Scruffy always grumbles about it.

Here are the before and after pictures of Toto. I have to admit he does look more handsome after his grooming.

Before with hair all over his eyes
After : Looking almost as handsome as me

Sunday, July 1, 2007

My brother the greedy pig!

As you may know we had shepherd's pie and meatballs for dinner last night.

We really enjoyed it. It was absolutely yummy. You can see it by how we are concentrating on our food.

My brother, Toto, as usual gulped down his share. He's such a pig. My parents are always worried about him choking on his food. He doesn't take the time to chew. Me, I take the time to really enjoy each mouthful.

After he finished his share, he started eyeing mine as usual. By the way, yesterday morning he actually stole some of my cake as well.

Look, you can almost see his saliva drooling.

Finally, Jie Jie had to restrain him. He was going to eat my share too!!

Here's a video of Toto doing his pigging act. Look at him gulping down his dinner like there's no tomorrow.

Here's another quickie video of Toto eyeing my dinner.

Sorry the videos are a bit short. Daddy had to make them short or else you will fall asleep waiting for the videos to stream. But I do think he made them too short. Ha! Ha!