Monday, April 30, 2007

Daddy The "Pro" Photographer

Daddy was in a picture taking mood this week. He brought out all his camera equipment and lenses. He wanted to take pictures of dogs at the Singapore Kennel Club Doggie Show which we all went to. But that was not enough for Daddy. When we got home he continued to keep snapping even though we were really tired and not very good models then.

Here is Toto doing what he usually does. He likes to hide in this corner behind Mummy's wine cabinet thingy and sleep. He is sneaky. He hides there because he knows I am too big to squeeze between the cracks to get into his hiding place. Mummy says he's smart. He knows how to get away from me for some peace and quiet. I'm hurt though. I only wanted to play with him.

More horizontal Toto pictures
Mummy took this picture of Daddy taking pictures. Ha! Ha! Photograph of a photographer.

Mummy especially likes this picture of me that Daddy took. She says it reminds her of my First Jie Jie, Muffet who went to heaven. She really misses First Jie Jie. She says First Jie Jie is her firstborn.

This is me.
This is First Jie Jie.
Muffet actually is my First Jie Jie and my hooman sister is my Second Jie Jie. The reason for this is that before Mummy had us kids, she wasn't sure if she wanted kids at all. So she adopted my First Jie Jie to see if she could look after kids. She says its her Mummy training course. That's how I had a First Jie Jie.

I never met her but Mummy says that she was a beautiful dog with a wonderful loving, gentle personality unlike me. I think she is trying to tell me that I am a real rascal. Anyway, like they say the rest is history. She now has had 5 babies. I'm glad she passed her Mummy training course.

By the way, my First Jie Jie was not a Cairn terror (oops! terrier). She was actually a Silky terrier mixed with a "Sausage" dog. But to me she looked like a Princess.


José Tan said...

This reminded Daddy of his previous kid, also a Silky Terrier. She passed away on Jun'04, leaving Daddy heartbroken. Daddy says she was totally different from me too.And he always compare me to her when i 'misbehave'.Sigh...

Maggie said...

Mitch is able to squeeze and hide in places that are too small for me! It's frustrating for us, huh?!

Love ya lots,

Butchy & Snickers said...

You are both so cute in the photos! Good picture your Mama took of your Papa photographing Toto, hehe! Each of us doggies have different personalities. So you can never really compare one to another. You just notice the best qualities in each.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers