Sunday, June 3, 2007

Did you know?

Did you know that hoomans go to the groomers just like us furkids? I never knew. It seems they get the same treatment as us when they go their groomers.

They get bathe.

Then they get their hair cut.

And you know how at the end of it, if we have been good, we get a bandanna to put round our necks. Well! Hoomans get a decoration too. Instead of bandannas they get these weird green things that look like ears to put on their head.

If hoomans know what awful things happen at the groomers, why do they send us to the groomers? Don't tell me they actually enjoy going to the groomers!!!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Scruffy.
I am afraid that humans enjoy going to the grommers!
My mom goes there every 2 weeks, can you believe it?
I know they are weird!
Have a nice weekend

Koobuss Shiksa Petrosky IV said...


Scruffy, does that actually happen? I was at a human groomer's once and all they did was sit around and talk while I picked up hair that was on the floor and ran around the room with it. (That was long ago when I was a real young pup.) Anyway, I didn't know that they really did those things there. Thanks for informing us. Please keep us alerted if anything else weird goes on.


Maggie said...

The hoomans pay big bucks to go to the groomers too! It's just ridiculous! Imagine how many treats and toys this could buy us!

Love ya lots,

José Tan said...

Haha.. your Jie sure looks pretty cute with that green thingy.

Balboa said...

My mommy likes going to her groomer, man humans can be really weird.

Frenchie snorts

PreciOus said...

Hi Scuffy! I've taggie you to post a celebrity pic you looked like! Come over my blog to find out more!

Kor visited his groomer today. He didn't get the green ears thou. Oh and my grooming centre had moved to dog-knows-where! Must be my prayers came true! *Sniggle*


Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Scruffy, My best mate is a cairn named Judah! I keep telling mum I would make a good archaeologist, but she won't take me digging with her. xxx Asta down under

Tadpole said...

WEIRD! Maybe they like it because they only do it to the back of their heads...? If someone stripped them down, shoved them into the bathtub, slathered them in shampoo and then tried to drown them, they might not like it either....