Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mid-Autumn Festival

My sincere apologies for not blogging about this earlier but frankly I have been really busy. Busy eating that is.

Not sure if my furfriends are aware of this but they make mooncakes for furkids! See what the hoomans have we also have. My Mummy bought them from the doggie bakery for us.

The one on the left is mine and the right is Mummy's

Mummy's mooncake is made from lotus seed paste with 2 (she's a bit greedy) salted egg yolks inside. Mine is made from red bean paste and no salted egg yolks. Mummy says its not good for me to eat salted eggs. It will ruin my beautiful coat of hair.

Mine is still on the left and Mummy's (with her double egg yolk) is on the right

Mummy tells me that there is actually a story behind these mooncakes. Many many moons (pun fully intended) ago there was actually no such thing like mooncakes. But less many moons ago there was a group of people who were plotting a revolution in far off China. This revolution was to take place on mid-autumn night.

Now this was all well and good but if you can't talk to all the other revolutionaries to plan this, its not going to happen. So someone came up with this bright idea.

Eureka! Let's make these mooncakes. They are sticky inside so let's cut them open and stick our secret messages in them. We can then pass mooncakes/messages and the Emperor and his bad soldiers won't know how we tell each other when to revolt and how.

I thought this was rather clever. Its better than carrier pigeons because after getting message you can actually eat the mooncakes! What a bonus.

Hope all of you enjoyed the Mid-Autumn festival. I sure did. Yum! Yum! Mid-autumn should come around more than once a year.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Scruffy
Thanks for sharing the interesting story of the mooncakes! Sure they were clever!
I didn't know about the mooncakes for doggies! Sure you enjoyed them!
Have a good night

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

My Mumsy went to the bakery to look for the mooncakes too. But they ran out of it.. Sigh.. how did it taste like?

Maggie & Mitch said...

That was nice of them to invent mooncakes for doggies too! They sure do look good and they're pretty too! What an interesting story!

Love ya lots,

Bella said...

Cool - thanks for sharing the origin of why there are mooncakes at mid-autumn.
Yummy I wanna taste one - I'll have to go to China town to see if I can find some.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Scruffy, I had the doggy red bean mooncake too. It sure is tasty. :)

~ Girl girl

Amber said...

Hey Scruffy, I love mooncakes too. But have to wait next year to eat the tasty mooncakes.. You have the whole mooncake, yumyum.

José Tan said...

Oh, i din know they sell mooncakes for us canines. Hmmm... maybe mummy should go get some for me and Bond. Yum yum!

Ronin the pug said...

Hiii Scruffy!!! Wow thank you for sharing us the story of the mooncakes! very nice! And they look so yummmiieee!
Hugs and kisses!