Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Mighty Scruff Returns

I am back! I am back! Finally!

My torture is over. I no longer have to put up with Jie Jie and Kor Kor. I no longer have to pretend to enjoy their antics. I don't have to entertain them anymore. And I no longer have to beg Jie Jie for her write my blog. She only did it a measly two times. Mummy and Daddy are HOME!

It was so exciting. I kissed and kissed Mummy and Daddy. I missed them sooooo much. Also of course, Mummy bought us loads of treats. So that was also good.

She got us some gravy that we can have with our kibble. Yum! Yum! I had some and my kibble never tasted so good. She also got us some fruit smoothies. Nice and cold. Especially after a nice long walkie with Daddy. (We finally went out after so long. Jie Jie and Kor Kor were too lazy to take us.)

I had heard about Petco from some of my friends and I asked Mummy to go see what it was like and she did. She told me it was this huge store just for pets and it had loads and loads of fun and good stuff. Daddy took a picture to show us what it was like.

And it even had a dog bar filled with yummy biscuits that you could buy by the pound. Shucks! Mummy didn't get us any. She said she had no more space in her suitcase.

And the reason she had no more space was ...... See below.

As usual she went beserk when it comes to clothes. Women! Yes! Yes! You guessed it. She got us more instruments of shame and torture - clothes. I guess I will have to humour her and wear the new clothes she got us. What do you think? Do I look smart?

Toto had a matching one with me too but his is blue. He didn't seem to mind wearing clothes.

I have to thank all my furfriends who have dropped by in hope that my Jie Jie was not too lazy to update my blog. I will be visiting all your blogs over the next few days and try to get caught up with all that has been happening. I feel so deprived because my lazy Jie Jie won't help me read your blogs either. But now my torture is over. Mummy is back and I can get back to blogging.

See ya'll soon.


Balboa & Mommy said...

WOW, I'm glad your back, I missed you.

Silly mom, you don't want clothes, you want lots and lots and lots of food and treats!

Frenchie Snorts

Maggie said...

Glad you're back Scruffy! You were missed! Nice new duds! Did you get anything besides clothes? No toys and no treats either?

Love ya lots,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Scruffy
We all are so happy that your mom is back!! We missed you!!
Why our moms have obsession with clothes??? More treats its what we need, right??
Have a good night

Bella said...

So pleased to hear that your pawrents are back & with such cool gifts too.
You & Toto look so cute in your matching shirts.

Ume said...

hiya Scruffy,
so happee dat u r back! i missed u!

oh my... we shld have a place like Petco in SG too! esp dat dog bar!
but u do look reali smart in dat shirt, Toto too!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back - you both look super handsome in your shirts!!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hee. you 2 look so cute in those clothes. Woh Petco sure looks big with lots of stuff for pets

~ Girl girl

José Tan said...

Hi Hi Scruffy and Toto!!
So glad to hear from you again. You and Toto look really smart in your new clothes. Me, i prefer to be in the buff, so Mommy gave up buying clothes for me.

Missed ya lots,

Chilli the Dog said...

Hiya Scruffy!

U're back! I missed you so much.

You look great in that new shirt of yours. Too bad your mummy didnt have enough space for tweats! I think tweats are much better than new shirts. Next time tell mummy to bring a bigger bag then she'll not have any excuse...hee..hee

Wet licks


PreciOus said...

Hi Scruffy! Hooray your mom and dad is back! I say you and Toto look mighty handsome in clothes.